how a bug turns out positive

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the aggressive stalkers are a bug, they are not supposed to be so aggressive, and thats cool. but it makes a good example of how a bug is a good thing.

i love the fact UWE is expanding beta testing by adding official play testers because it gives a very specific advantage; a nose to the ground.

when you have the gamers seeing the bugs, when the community gets to see them, it gives us the chance to see things the devs might say "thats a bug get rid of it" gamers might say " HOLY CRAP THATS COOL GUYS LETS DO IT" the surfing in CS:GO is a great example.

the stalker bug in my mind would be somthing i would love to see in a "nightmare" or "extreme" difficulty setting. making the game MUCH HARDER

-increased A.I difficulty (stalker bug)
-increased rarity of materials
-increased materials cost for crafted items (2x maybe?)
-increased energy draw for ships
-energy is required for draining bases and the cyclops
- limit diving at extreme depth without exo suit due to high pressures
- med kits heal over-time

and so on and so on.

so to the devs, i think you guys are on the right track by getting the community more involved


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