The game turns my computer off

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I'm not sure if anyone else has had a similar problem lately, but since the newest update (Mac OSX update), I've tried to play the game and after about 10 minutes of play time, my computer shuts down. Not the game, the whole shebang. Then, after I turn it back on again, I have to restart a second time because all of a sudden all the sound output on my computer has pitch shifted down a lot. It's like every person talking in every video has one of those things that make you sound like darth vader. It's super weird. Am I alone?


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    So, that usually not a good sign. Typically the game shouldn't be able to cause a crash like that. Usual culprits in these cases are bad components, bad drivers, or overheating.

    I would run something like memtest and something to monitor temperature like speed fan, and of course update any drivers you have.

    If those come back clean, post your log and we can go from there.
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