NSL News: Congrats to GIEF ROBOT and the next Things

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GIEF ROBOT wins finals!
The winners

Congratulations towards GIEF ROBOT for winning the playoffs of Division 3! While the other Divisions are still scheduling their playoff-games, the ENSL keeps moving. Our summer activities come closer, so here some details.

Ladder Started

The ladder has started on Monday! It is nice to see, that the first challenges are flying around already. We will try to announce any scheduled matches as early as possible under the "Match Schedule" tab, here on ensl.org. Remember to plan your matches early, so that potential casters can pick up those games.

A few words about how a Ladder-Game looks like - they do not look much different from a "usual" PCW:
  • You play 4 rounds on 2 maps (in the unlikely, yet possible, event of a "Draw" in a round, this round is counted as half a win for both teams)
  • The challenger picks either map or side first. The challenged team picks the other. You switch sides after each round.
  • If both teams agree upon it, you can extend your Ladder-Game by any amount of maps. However, the number of rounds played on each map must be 2.
  • As maps you can pick any of the Season 6 rotation (including Nexus and Mineral). No map in a Ladder-Game can be picked more than once.
  • Note: the challenger only needs to win only half of the rounds to beat the challenged team! In that case the challenger takes the spot of the challenged team and all teams in between (including the challenged team) move 1 rank down.
  • Except for the above the usual league-rules apply.

Remember: as this is a Ladder you can still sign in and take part in this event - at any time. All new teams will start at the bottom of the ladder, fighting their way up.

Even if you "silently" agree via Steam upon a date, post and confirm that match in the team-page! This allows admins to add it to the calendar and the casters can sign in for it as well. Speaking of which: casters reserve, by making a corresponding post in the team-thread under the challenge. The admins will pick it up and post the links into the calendar.

Draft Tournament June 27th

The first - of possibly more - Drafts starts in less than 10 days. Registration is still open. Currently we have enough players to comfortably build 3 teams. With a few more we can push that to 4 teams easily. If you havn't registered, yet, you can do so here:

Registration Draft June 27th

Teamcaptains will be informed in the next days to arrange for picking the teams. After that the registration is effectively closed!

Skulks with Shotguns Moved

I got informed that there is a "thing" on 4th of July in the USA. Hence, we move the Skulks with Shotgun tournament to the Sunday 5th of July instead. Starting time is dependent on the amount of signups, but likely be 19 CEST.

The SwS modding-crew is currently working on a more tournament friendly version of the Capture-the-Gorge mode.

Register your Skulks with Shotguns team!

The teamsize for the SwS-Tournament is five. Go to the corresponding thread to ask more questions about this event.

Stay tuned for more information on the SwS-Tournament and further competitions!


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    Lol I giggled at the "thing," thanks for the gift
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    Congratulations GIEF ROBOT for winning the playoffs.Its body is coated with ceramic titanium and was designed to repel any attack.

    Finally someone who congratulated us for this. Thank you!
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