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Who dosent like trains.
The idea is that there would be extremely fast trains with large amount of storage that would build and then lay track on a 2 x 1 instead of the standard 2 x 2 platforms.
it would require a large amount of titanium to build the train along with 1 power cell and a computer chip (changes for train building requirements would be nice).
The track would be extremely cheep (with a bend, and steep drop and rise piece). A station that requires is made with with titanium and glass to have a large back wall to overlook the current location.
there would also be a deep version without glass that would go below 200 depth that would belong in a under section but would need double the titanium.
Upgrades would be the "friction energy" and it would generate energy in the dock (depending on what you think could possible store the seamoth or cyclops? what do you think).
And the "speed module" which increase speed in turns to the ships default on straits and rises and would double the speed on a strait away and triple it on drops.

There is also a main station that would be absolutely gigantic and feature the super generator which would send power down the tracks and would require 16 power cells 20 gold 36 silver and 20 titanium.
this may sound extreme but it would never die and as always i want you feedback and what should change in the recipes.
I provided only recipes as to not limit possible designs.

If you like remember to leave a agree or awesome there are too many dislikes for others to find the idea.


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    Repost from here.


    • You could build a train with autopilot and some tracks.
    • The autopilot would manage the train by reading special track (speed up, slow down, put on breaks). The train would go with the new assigned speed until next special track (so only 1 needed at a time to achieve change).
    • Too much speed at the end of tracks wouldmake the train to crash and break. More speed means more damage.
    • Rising tracks would slow the train a lot. Power consumption would go way up if the trains slows down too much.
    • Crashing to animals would cause little damage depending on fish weight and train speed.
    • The train can be fixed by welding, but it would require some materials. (1 titanium per 10% damage?)
    • You would need stations at the end of tracks. The train would completely stop at them. Automatic charging and/or unloading.
    • Branching tracks. You could upgrade stations to have a control panel to set the direction of these.
    • The control panel could also be used to deploy the train.
    • Friction, inertia etc. exists, so the train should have proper mechanics for smooth acceleration.
    • Doing speed managing right would mean less power consumption and less damage.
    • Train tracks would be made out of titanium (and maybe lithium).
    • The train would be build from a power cell, few plasteel ingots, an advanced wiring kit and a computer chip.
    • A generic station would need couple plasteel ingots. You can upgrade it with power generation (power cells for fast charging, actual generator tech for slow) and unloading tech (wiring kit, computer chip).
    • We would need metal veins, farms or other continuous way of mass producing items to make this worthwhile.

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    Love the idea of an underwater train or monorail (my personal preference) that allows you to link areas together such as resource rich areas or multiple bases & would really make you start to feel like you are creating an underwater colony for the next round of colonists to inhabit when they arrive.

    I would see it as a fast & economical way to get around well explored areas while keeping the subs for mining runs & expeditions out into the unknown. It also allows you more choice of base location rather than being restricted to resource rich areas if wanting to build a sizeable base without extensive time consuming trips back & forth between the resources & your base. 

    This idea gets a big thumbs up from me 

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    Throw in some Gasopod Bag Ladies, a Cutefish busker or two and have a pack of Bleeders mug you as you leave the station...

    Just like Home!
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    Sheldon: Please add a train please add a train please add a train.

    Seriously however, i think they are a nice idea, the problem would be how to pose the about having self building tracks?
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    Case in point, trains are land vehicles - not aquatic.
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    I don't see why not Lemon, but I do think a monorail would be much better suited that an actual train so to speak. It would basically be a mini-sub attached to a big single beam / railing which supplies the power & means of propulsion.

    Below is a good start to a concept art / design for subnautica, just replace the train with a smaller single car in the subnautica style (so probably similar size & look to a single base module / capsule with windows on each side & a clear bubble window on either end since it will be bi-directional) which can be upgradeable to 2-3 cars maximum which can be for storage so you can run back and forth between resource rich areas to mine materials for your base or submarine fleet construction, etc. you would also be able to construct a fabricator & work bench in the main car to refine materials as you go, like you do in the Cyclops.

    As someone else suggested, you can simply have a 2x1 base foundation that includes a length of monorail track which auto levels itself with the sea floor up to a certain height like the base foundations already do with the ability to extend supporting structures down from it to cross any significant valleys.

    Just picture this underwater ;) Concepts and Capacities 4_files/image025.jpg

    I think it would be a pretty neat variation on vehicles / ways to get around Subnautica but limited to a maximum depth of 200m and 3-400m for upgraded cars (like you can now upgrade the Cyclops to go deeper).

    Just imagine a scenic route which you can get out off at any time to go explore the area & it could go from really colourful coral & lush seaweed areas to twisting canyon routes & even go through the big cave & cavern systems under the seabed & come out at a different spot. I can see it would be great for getting back to such spots you've already discovered & explorered but in a much quicker & direct way without having to worry about needing to steer your craft through it all. It could be a big loop that's lets you admire the scenery, collect all the resources you need at all the different biomes & see some of the interesting & dangerous creatures as you pass through the dark caverns and then back to your base. 

    As I said, I love the idea! :D


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    I guess it depends on your market and what you want out of this game. If we are looking for a more theme park type game, then yes building rails and aquariums and the such make sense. For me I hope they do not take this route, if so I would pass this game off to my child and move on. 

    This was supposed to be a survival game with danger and exploration. I want to see more systems that support that, perhaps a mod that will allow you to add these things is fine. But for the final release I think the devs really should focus on the core systems that will deliver what they originally planned.
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    A train can be a very helpful mean of transportation if you have multiple bases at the same dept and you travel between them often, why wasting time and energy from your seamoth and cyclops when you could use some a monorail? leaving the latter for more pressing matters like exploration?
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    Trains or even monorail seems odd underwater. Misadapted. As if ine wiuld want to force old patterns into a different environment.
    If warpers are implemented and uf you can extract dna or develop a warper tech, it even becomes obsolete. Why taje the train from base A to base B when you can warp from A to B?
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    An under water monorail adds diversity in transport & ways to experience Subnautica. Warp pads simply add a "fast travel" mechanic which detracts from the experience.

    I know which feature I'd rather see implemented ;)

    @drakuel - Why does it need to be seen as "theme park" rather than infrastructure that expands the idea of colonising a water world? I see it as the next step in base expansion & linking areas of interest or high value for easy access & efficiency of time use rather than having to slowly drive your Cyclops back & forth all the time to well known areas.

    Like the new outposts of the wild west that would eventually be linked by rail once they're settled so instead of having to ride a horse or catch a coach out there every time, you'd catch the train & at the same time it was much more efficient at transporting large quantities of resources. 

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    I like trains.... XD
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    They don't need to be added cause it's an immersive explore and survive game. So no trains at all
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