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This is not the first time I, or others, have suggested this. But I want to bring it up again because I'm still unsure about what the arguments against are, and I'm also unsure about the scope and difficulty of implementing something like this.

I would like a global IRC chat, that everybody, regardless of what server they are connected to, or even if they're idling in the main lobby, can see and chat in. I want it to be an irc chat, because it allows you to join the chat outside the game with your own prefered customized client as well. In addition, it's relatively easy to create/install bots and moderate for that platform.

Ideally you'd be able to create local chats or private messages (a huge QoL improvement compared to having to add a friend through steam just to send a pm) as well of course.

Another feature that would be great, is if you could connect to the server. Perhaps the global irc chat would be connected to the chat (although that does limit the amount of users who can use it, to those who own a twitch profile) - and you'd simply connect (optional of course) your ns2 profile with your twitch profile.

If you want a game that has successfully implemented this; look at UT2004. A game that has, less-succesfully implemented this: TableTopSimulator.

Nobody uses irc, this isn't 1999.

Except every twitch user in the world - the problem is not the platform, it's the accessibility of it. People generally don't want to download excess software like an irc client just to chat. But if it is Integrated in a client they already use (or in twitch's case, the website), then to them it's all the same as any other chat.

I think it's a valid criticism to point out that, if nobody/few people are going to use the irc chat, it is a collosal waste of time in development time. So that is an important consideration to make, which is why I'd like somebody from @CDT to comment on exactly how long and how difficult it would be to make.

You might ask; what purpose would it have? -Well, other than the general building of a community and culture, I think it would be a good tool for organizing gathers/pugs or pcw/scrims. NS2 is an old game now, so I imagine that everyone in the competitive or pug scene have each other, or at least know someone who knows someone who has each player on their steam friends. However, new players won't necessarily be or ever become a part of this Network. A global chat could be the connection that they need to get their foot in to pug or competitive ns2 - or to form teams on their own, completely independant of that Network.

In addition, it would allow for small and quick real-time troubleshooting. Rather than make a post on the forums and wait for someone to respond, you could simply ask in the chat "Why can't I join any servers, I did A,b,c,d...." and someone knowledgable could reply in real-time.

Why not just steam groupchat?

Cus it sucks, that's why! -but if the irc chat isn't possible, I would (reluctantly) settle for an official steam group chat and a link inside the client.


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    So the chat server infrastructure would be using an existing one? Such a feature is ideal to start as a mod to proof that the concept works. The CDT is after all the community development team. If you or somebody else wants to try out this feature in a mod and it works well then was can always see if it would make sense to include it in vanilla ns2. I for one find the idea interesting, but a prototype would be easier to discuss.
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    #gamesurge, I'd still idle this and have asked years ago where it is because it's a great thing. But at this point I'd imagine it's 2.5 years later than worthwhile. Would have been a great tutorial band-aid too
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    The way you put it, I can see value in it. We are a small community as is, and if it is another avenue to hold that together I am all for it.
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