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A dynamic map that would complement at as we explored the area, with depth and type local flora n fauna

chests that can be drawn behind or hanging on seamoth

a hospital bed to recover points of life faster

allow cooking and food system even in free mode

Automatic backup system every 10 15 or 20 minutes after the player's choice (via option menu)

configure a name to signal to easy identification

complete the base, to add larger modules no only corridors

add items to put in the bases (aquariums, tables, chairs ect ..) What make the livelier

lamps deposit where we wan , for example in caves or deep

with the new air tank system, add an air generator placed anywhere to fulfill the tanks outside the base or the surface (function as a safe one could put it that
air tanks that fill in as)

having to create an air generator near a power base before using it, or connect it via pipes air to the surface

revise the air pipe system, can be used the same system as the wire dive

In the rescue basket to add more storage space
add presets, food rations for up to 3 four days, water, compass, knife ...
in summary, the minimum necessary to survive 3 days, it's still the goal of a rescue basket

The windows are not made with quartz, but sand and salt which is heated, salt facilitating
glass crystallization

Stop using the salt to meals, excessive salt is harmful to health

For meals, after analyzing the local animals and plants would obtain a possible list of meals
animal + = a plant food
of course, add a scanner in the rescue basket

Having access to an encyclopedia where you would see the description of all the animals and plants and discoveries to analyze

It comes in a spaceship to colonize a new planet, as the only weapon we have a knife
it is a little thin to conquer a planet ...
Add an electric baton to stun animals nearby, spear, spear gun, net, in summary something to defend and how easily catch fish

Titanium is a very rare metal, maybe replace with something more common, aluminum, steel, common metals abound,
but titanium is and must remain scarce, use titanium only for items requiring special resistance

To build supply crates like those found in water
to pick up these boxes and place them where you want

Add assistants robots that could be built, which would automatically recover resources
one would say that she resource is to look for them and he would table the objects in storage

prevent the player who goes outside of the card with the message (very high depth reached)
is frankly unpleasant to realize that we had been sailing for 20 minutes and there is nothing below

I hope that with the new backup system, we can have several different backups for the same part because since the game is in development and that are still numerous bug
because it's really annoying to have to start over from the beginning because we have only one backup part
lived: I had a nice well furnished base, the cyclops fully equipped, I construct pipe, one in too, that floats in the Cyclops, Cyclops result was definitely blocked, and thus loss of 20 hours of play and harvesting RAGE HUGE

To review also respawn system in the rescue basket after death, it's nothing logical, it induces new bugs when you're dead, you're dead, the game ends there, there is more to recharge a backup, it works in all other games like that, do not try to reinvent the wheel or wire sliced ​​bread

thx all for reading my comment ;-)

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    Yep, only note, ship not necessarily here to conquer, but to research, explore or was only passing by...

    Titanium comes from fallen ship debris, the hull of the ship, not a local material. Perhaps adding a new local material which when discovered would remove necessity to use debris, allowing debris to be used in more complicated, rare combinations?

    With regards to sailing off into the unknown of the not made seascape.. it isn't functional yet.. so doesn't really need a warning, you should already be aware that the entire underwater island is only an island.. and after leaving it the only discoverable locals are the floating island. Or the ship itself.
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