How to report Save Game bugs

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Hey guys!

Subnautica is currently in Early Access and as such you may from time to time encounter bugs and in the worst case, crashes. If you have issues with stability of Subnautica, please see How to report Crashes.

If your issue is not crashing but has something to with with save/load then please continue reading. Examples of save/load bugs are:
  • Items missing from your inventory or storage containers
  • Items becoming other items
  • Submarines or bases missing
  • Status changes (energy, health, etc.)
  • Other stuff not coming up exactly like you left it

If you experience a bug like the above please make sure to send a report just like the crash report but in addition to that please send your save game directory. Do the following:

Follow the guide on Steam to locate the Subnautica folder. Then navigate to SNAppData:


Go into the SavedGames subdirectory. Copy the "test" directory to something like "test2". Delete the "CompiledOctreesCache" folder inside. Afterwards zip the "test2" folder and send it to me or create a new thread in this forum and attach the file.

Thanks for helping us out!


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