NS2 Server Specifications

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I'm shopping for a dedicated server to replace my current one in the East Coast "Chicago" area.
I've heard that Linux uses more CPU than windows to power NS2 - and I don't understand that as 99% of the time, it's reversed. So I need some clarification.

Is there a performance advantage with windows over linux? Windows licenses run $30 / mo. - compared to Debian at $0

Here's my build I am looking at ( server will be used for a few things, so I know ram is overkill )

Xeon E3-1271v3 | 3.6Ghz | (3.9Ghz with Turbo on)
128GB SSD Drive
Port Speed: 1000Mb
10TB Bandwidth
Dedicated IPMI
IP Addresses: /29 HSRP Vlan (3 usable) IP Addres
Operating System: Windows 2008 R2 Standard

Server will run 24 slots (how many can this box operate? )
Servers will have performance adjusted (50 tick, better interpolation, sendrates, etc. )

I'm not sure if anyone's used a Xeon before. My current build is an I5 3570K OC'd to 4.5Ghz. However the network is getting overloaded and as such performance is getting hit. I need a solid provider on a solid network - and I need some suggestions from anyone experienced.



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    I played NS2 quite a long time ago and really enjoyed my experience, but I haven't played in quite a while because I thought that the community had kind of gone kaput. I did recently see, though, that Unknown Worlds has still been releasing significant patches- is the community still active enough that I should try and get back into things and/or persuade a friend of mine to get back into it with me?
    https://shareit.onl/ https://appvn.onl/
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