My Game chrash when the world load



  • macthelostmacthelost nonya Join Date: 2015-03-13 Member: 202082Members
    Hey Guys, No dice on the game, I have included my error logs, so hopefully you can fix this soon. I purchased the game today and was stoked to play, and then to my chagrin it doesn't even work. also, I have tried both experimental and stable, and every game mode and video option combo possible and it still crashes at the same place (about 75% into loading screen) and says "Too Many heap" . please check my logs and let me know what is wrong. thanks
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    I couldn't post it to the website you told us too post it too
  • gekogeko Santa Clara, CA Join Date: 2015-03-20 Member: 202338Members
    As of just a few minutes ago, I get the too many heaps error too. It happens at the loading screen when I try to enter the game world:

    I start the game.
    Pick my resolution (1600 windowed mode, recommended quality).
    Choose Freedom mode.
    Click play.
    I get the loading screen of the ship crashing. It loads and loads for a couple minutes and then I get the crash error.

    So I have never gotten into the game.

    Files attached.
  • 11rthomp11rthomp bexhill Join Date: 2015-05-12 Member: 204433Members
    Guys i hope you get this but my game can load up the sound but stays on the starting menu
    I have managed to get the game going once and still trying but as i said it loads up to %90 and then just stops and i can't even play the game
    as you can tell this has annoyed me greatly so i f someone could get back to me on this problem that would be great.
    I still think it is a great game for the time i spent on it that one time and it will be waste of money otherwise.
    so please get back to me.

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    edited May 2015
    @11rthomp - Most of the issues listed in this bug from before May were either
    1) out-of-memory bugs - that were addressed by the 64-bit release of Subnautica a few weeks ago, or
    2) have been fixed since then.

    So, could you post your output_log.txt file, and your dxdiag file (as requested earlier in this thread)?

    P.S. People working on bugs/etc are now in the recently added Subnautica Bug Reporting forum.
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