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some people use macs and its super annoying that most games are not made for them, please do not be one of those games so please make a verison for mac


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    From the FAQ @
    Can I play on a Mac?

    No, not yet. But many of us work on Macs and regularly run the game on a Mac. Charlie, the head of the Subnautica project, develops almost exclusively on Mac. So why aren’t we making Subnautica available on Mac yet? Releasing cross-platform increases the liklihood that we’ll break something really badly for either Windows or Mac players. Because Subnautica is so early in development, we want to be careful and only release on Windows first. If you want to play on Mac, sign up to the Subnautica mailing list. We’ll let you know as soon as a Mac version is available!
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    You can try using Winebottler. Might help. I don't have any experience in it though.
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    Never mind mac. Ain't nobody who can afford those things. How about some linux? Run me some gtx 970 up that kernal awww yeah.
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