A Few Questions/Problems/Suggestions

OstrichGuyOstrichGuy USAMembers Join Date: 2014-11-28 Member: 199849Posts: 3
1. Are joints not finished or something? I tried attaching a joint that's on a moving platform to the player to see if it would keep the player on it. But, I keep seeing this error message in the console: "Attempt to attach an object using a joint failed as the joint has not been created yet". I've noticed this same message appears with the grabber scripts, also. And the joints are created, as I can see them as a component when I hit F5 during play.

2. I tried playing/editing with a friend of mine, but it seems like he can't enter edit mode. The mouse isn't even appearing when he pauses. I tried letting him host, and I had the same problem. Are guests of a lobby not allowed to edit, and if so, is there a way to let them do so? On the website, it does say that multiple people can edit the game.

3. Is/will there (be) a way to edit collision? So far, I've only come up with the idea of making multiple collision components to have multiple collision boxes for my table model.

And as a sidenote, I am loving this game so far! It's really made scripting and modelling feel more like fun, rather than work.
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