[REQUEST] More characters in the ingame feedback screen and formatting (linebreaks)

dottedfishdottedfish Germany Join Date: 2014-11-22 Member: 199755Members Posts: 92 Advanced user

I wanted to submit an extensive bug report today but I ran into two issues (using the ingame tool).

1) The text is limited to 190 characters. That may be good enough for some bugs, but those with more complex mechanics cannot be described properly (steps, expected behavior, outcome, etc.) to make it possible to reproduce them.

2) I can't use linebreaks. I'd say those are required to structure text in a meaningful way.

3*) Not really a deal breaker but still not necessary: if you accidently just click one of the smiley faces you can send a report without any content. Happened to me 3 times now.

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