[269] Frame jumps and spikes everywhere?

ball2hiball2hi Join Date: 2012-10-22 Member: 163128Members
Can you give me the information I need to gather some data for this issue?

My FPS is jumping between 70-90-120 randomly, even if I'm in base and not moving. The transition between frames also feels very unsmooth. Haven't changed any settings, but it just feels like I'm perpetually playing with 40 fps even though that's not the case. Leaving thread here so I can post the data later.


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    Please provide your tech support zip file as well as a compressed plog file.
    Type in console "p_logall" to begin recording the plog.
    P_endlog stops it, so does ending the round.
    You'll find the file in your hidden %appdata%/Natural Selection 2 / folder
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