Dutch Translation (attempt 2)

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Community of dutch NS2 translators / translations

I made this new topic so I get informed when anyone posts.
At the moment I am now capable to accept translations to be included in ns2. Having me receive a message when someone posts may speed up the result. ;)

Dutch conversation in this topic is allowed as translation talk is in order.

What can you do?
* Translate strings, according to the guidelines.
* Vote for existing strings. High upvotes according to the guidelines will be most likely approved.

* Put gaming terms in "term_here",if the word is similar.
* If the word is not similar put it in (term_here) like 'ons baken (observatory) wordt aangevallen'.
The idea is that this will be easier to grasp for folk with far to few knowledge of english to realise what it means, even in sentence context.

(My) To do:
* Read entire stringlist for consistency. (Example, eject is a function people use and should not be translated. A confirmation about a eject is technically client only, but if this is translated consistency in the translation is gone.)
* Fix any consistency errors first to resolve future issues.
* (re)approve correct translation. Approval rate is around 1% atm for some reason.
* correct or improve others strings.
* translate new ones.
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