Why is NS2 requiring 11GB of hard drive space? (Used to 2GB at launch)



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    *Old man voice* back in my day, whole games fit on a single 700MB CD. You kids these days with your gigawhatsuts and terasumthings. *Shakes cane*

    Back in my day, games fitted on a cassette tape and took 5 minutes to load. Happy days.

    Back when the original GTA came out, it was 2 CDs. None of us could believe a game could be so big. :D
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    Gta London, to load this your had to put in, Gta London, switch to GTA, then back to London, Ahhhhhh the good old, "please insert disc..........."
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    Starcraft 1 took no time to load. You clicked "play", and you "played". :) (well apart from the few times you had to wait while the CD-ROM started to spin up).
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    Why when I was a lad a computer took up a room as big as your house and a basic adding program would come on a 2 inch magnetic tape. *puts teeth back in.
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    My step dad says he learned how to program on punch cards.....it gives me nightmares.
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    Built my own PC back when doom 95, warcraft 2 tides of darkness, starcraft and c&c original were top dogs. First gaming console I ever owned was a calico vision.
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    coolitic wrote: »
    Can anything be done?

    Get a new hard drive
    Some of us don't have the luxury to afford high speed internet connections or massive storage hard drives. :[

    Not sure how this has to do with high speed internet, except for initial download =P.

    As for hard drive: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822148840&cm_re=seagate-_-22-148-840-_-Product

    1 TB hdd for $70.

    Thats a lot of money to me.
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    MuckyMcFly wrote: »
    Wolfenstein and Titanfall both take over 50GB of space, crazy!

    Elders scrolls Online is 60GB

    X Plane 10 Full complete install goes is at 80GB now.

    Alot of these AAA console games have 50GB install now as well
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    MuckyMcFly wrote: »
    Wolfenstein and Titanfall both take over 50GB of space, crazy!

    titanfall is a pile of trash.. and you know what's the worst? Titanfalls game size is just because of uncompressed audio and music.. the game itself is honestly probably no more than 5GB-8GB (relative to how little content is actually in-game)
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