Constant rubber banding

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I've been playing Natural Selection 2 since it came out day one, and I've had a blast for the last two years; however, I've ran into a problem that not even I can seem to find a fix for. While playing in any game server, no matter the player amount or ping, I am constantly rubber banding. Every time I'll get the little network disconnect icon for a few moments in-game and other times the network disconnect icon will stay there for up to a minute at a time. This can happen at any point and at any time no matter if there is fighting going on in a particular area or not. I have literally stood still before and it has happened.

Steps I've taken so far. I've attempted to lower all my graphical settings and I still notice a rubber banding issue. I've attempted to install a fresh copy of the game onto my computer with no luck. Finally, I've tested my Internet connection and receive a solid connection. Usually it's 13Mbps download and 1Mbps upload - more than enough to play. And once again, this happens on ANY server I go to, and when I ask if others are experiencing the same issue, I am told that they are not, so this issue seems localized to my PC. There are just the steps I've taken from reading a previous thread on this subject here:

I should note that this issue did not come about until the most recent update to NS2. It's pretty much my only real lead so far. Thank you for your time and help.
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