EU Draft Tournament Registration OPEN!

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Registration for the EU Draft Tournament is now open. The draft tournament will be held over two Saturdays on July 26th and August 2nd starting at 18 CEST on both days. Times are not final and subject to change depending on the amount of players who register. This tournament will feature a round robin format. All things being equal, teams will not be seeded and each team will play each other once.

Maps to be included for play in this tournament include the standard rotation PLUS ns2_caged (ModID - 63c559c) and a beta version of Kodiak for the 267 build, ns2_kodiak267 (ModID - 88fecb5).

The draft will be held at 19 CEST Friday, July 25th. It will be held on the NSL Teamspeak server (IP -

You can sign up for the draft tournament using this form here.

You can view the players who have already signed up here.

The North American & Australian Draft Tournament started this past weekend and it was loads of fun. I hope the EU one is just as successful in bringing players together from every division and a safe and easy way for pubbers to experience 6v6 in a friendly environment.


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