Way to keep smaller-player-count servers populated

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Set up some server pools that auto-populate using a 3rd party mod. You start with 2+ of 14-18 player servers, with 2+ 24-32 player servers as feeders. Numbered 1,2,3,4,5,6, etc. respectively, with the 14-18 slot servers always listed first.

When you join any of these servers, it automatically marks you as being "recruitable", but you can choose to opt-out if you wish. Every minute, the server will check with the other pool servers with a number below yours, starting at server 1.

If a server has at least 2 players below their max for at least 30 seconds (and is not empty), it will ask random "recruitable" player(s) if they want to be "promoted" to a different server. If you accept, it will connect you to the new server. If you reject, it will put you on the "hold" list for 5 minutes (or until your round ends) and ask again (unless you opt-out).

The only reason this might not work is people hate the horribly long time it takes to join a server in NS2, so everyone opts out. I don't have a solution for that. Otherwise, I think people might actually enjoy the chance of being "promoted" all the way up to server #1 and stay on longer once they get there, because they are more likely to stay populated the whole time.

Note: Servers on the server pool wouldn't necessarily even have to be owned/controlled by a single admin. As long as servers agree to install the "pool" mod and agree on a server number order, it could work.

TLDR: Auto-ask players on the larger-count servers in the pool if they want to be promoted to other (smaller count) servers.
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