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I'm wondering if it will be possible to attract sea life, by producing or collecting food, and placing it in a certain area. (Produced food could be plants or nursery fish).
Certain types of food would attract certain types of aquatic plant and animal life. This, in turn, could attract other life, etc. But once the food runs out, they might leave/die if the ecosystem is not self-sustaining.

Why would this be done? A number of ideas come to mind...
- Progress. Attract a species need to analyze for missions/upgrades
- Growth. It would be awesome to be able to transform deserted area into a viable mini-ecosystem teeming with life
- Subterfuge. Lure killer behemoths away from a nearby cave so you can sneak into their lair while they are out eating
- Death. You need to kill off all of the crabs in an area (because they are eating all your food), so you lace their food with poison
- Guilt. You just killed off all TSF crabs in the area and you don't want the rare ScubaGorge (that eats only crabs) to go extinct


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    This is pretty close to stuff that we've been discussing and planning for the game, regarding permanence and creature interdependence. Especially ideas such as using fish bait to attract other creatures or distract large predators, and possibly feed and tame creatures so they become friendly. Though it is unlikely that we'd allow and encourage something like intentional mass creature genocide through poisoning their food source, there are other ways that your inadvertent actions could have a serious impact on their habitat and food source and result in the same species extinction.
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