Can someone build the devour ability?

the_tickthe_tick Netherlands Join Date: 2014-01-20 Member: 193352Members
Hey guys,

Is anyone able to make a good mod that would replace the biomass 5 ability of the onos and replace it with devour, I mean, that would bring the good times back of NS1 and it will make the game so much more fun.

Marines should be able to get rescued, when digesting, they should receive a debuff that slowly drains their health. And when the onos is done, make some kind of poop animation or something :p Exo's of course are immune.

Devour was the whole reason I played this game in the first place, it is the biggest thing I am missing in this game right now by far, and I think a lot of ppl agree with me. A mod like this shouldnt be hard to build I think, anyone here that wants to take up the challenge, if it works, it will be a permanent mod on my server!


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