Important: Imminent Update to Break Certain Mods. Fix Included!

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Hi everyone!

Natural Selection 2 will, if all things go to plan, receive a sweet new update on May 1st. On that day, certain mods will experience a mini-apocalypse. @SamusDroid, an extremely talented and motivated member of the NS2 community, has been the technical lead on this upcoming update. He has been responsible for all aspects of technical development, and the following message regarding mods is from him. I am extremely proud of the effort @SamusDroid has made for this update, and even more proud of him for making this effort to warn all mod creators of the impending effects on their mods.

I only posting the message to give it 'gold background' prominence!

From @SamusDroid:


Soon a build will be released for 265 that will use a new method to change textures on models called texture atlasing. Due to there being a large amount of models that would need to be created in order to have weapon variants, we were forced to use texture atlasing. There is no way around this change, and with Natural Selection 2 becoming increasingly closer to the 32-bit memory limit we can not afford to increase the likelihood users will crash due to an increase of memory usage. Texture atlasing allows us to instantly change textures on models without the need to create new models, unfortunately this means that Exo and Rifle retexture mods will need to be updated in order to work properly. Below you will see an example of what an improperly working Exo skin will look like if it is not updated to the new format. An out of date mod will appear as if two textures have been mixed together over a model, to fix this you will need to update the material files of certain models.

Your mods are valuable, and this is an opportunity to prepare for this upcoming patch by providing the resources needed to update your mods. Below you will find information on what you will need to do in order to update your mods, including files for replacement.

Exo retexture mods
If you modify the third person Exosuit model download the following and place it in “models/marine/exosuit/” in your mod folder.

If you modify the third person Claw model download the following and place it in “models/marine/exosuit/” in your mod folder.

If you modify the first person Exosuit view model download the following and place them in “models/marine/exosuit/” in your mod folder.

Rifle retexture mods
If you modify the first person Rifle view model download the following and place them in “models/marine/rifle/” in your mod folder.

The files you are downloading are changing the shader and “numRows 2” to “numRows = 1”
What this is doing is setting how many atlases are in the texture and where the shader will look for the texture. The following is an example of a texture wth two atlases In code, we are specifying the textureIndex of the model, 0 being the top, and 1 being the bottom. Before 265, the textures for the Exo and Rifle did not use texture atlasing therefore are only a single texture. These changes will provide support for existing retexture mods that require minimal work to fix.


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