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Tool: Spark Editor Helper

Download: ...working-on-new-version...

1. What does the tool ?

It can save a lot of time for finding the right texture & model.
  • The tool is something like the official Spark Editor Browser + explorer like TreeView
  • When you click on an image: the title will be copied to the clipboard and you can paste it into the spark editor browser input field
With the kind of explorer-like-view you can find stuff like the models / materials pretty fast.

2. How to change the explorer-like-view (on left side) ?
  • create a new XML (from inside the tool) OR select an existing XML
  • click on Export:
    • in the background will be new directories with images (like in the explorer view)
  • change the directories, move the images around (like you would like to see it)
  • click on Import:
    • the directories & images will be imported into the xml again & displayed in the tool

3. Other features:

There is an "opt" (for options) button in the lower left corner with the option to:
Minimize on click (single screen)
the application by clicking on an image. If you have only 1 single screen, this means...
you select something and if the spark editor is in the background, the tool will minimize
and you can place the image title instantly into the input field of the spark editor.

4. Macro:

When you have a keyboard with macro keys, define the following to a key:

CTRL+A: select everything
BACKSPACE/DEL: delete selected
CTRL+V: paste from clipboard
ENTER: apply
END: switch to end of line

Example: Macro in Microsoft Sidewinder X4-Keyboard:

I am using this to get the filename from the clipboard into the spark editor input field &
see the result with 1 single keyboard button.

Thats it, hopefully it helps you a little bit and saves us all some time.
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