Hive not collecting

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So the hive isn't collecting my stats anymore.

so thats my profile. I havn't gotten any record for the last few days.


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    I'll forward this to the person who manages hive. For a second there I thought this was another one of those "Hive stats not updating because I'm not on whitelisted servers" threads again... :P
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    I see that top players from the Hive don't have any records past Feb 25. Those who maintain the Hive could write a simple script which requests the profiles of top-20 players and checks their last recorded play. Yeah, just download the page and parse HTML, this way you'll be sure that the data is collected AND presented correctly to players. If there are more than 24 hours passed since the last game for all 20 players (it's highly unlikely that all of them suddenly stopped playing for a day at once), then probably something broke so the script should send an email to the maintainer.
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