The most important improvement to NS2 yet

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So we all know that NS2 isn't as popular as it should be right? We need more players to keep the dwindling competitive community alive, and maybe some day even turn this humble game into a major E-sport. I know what you're thinking. Gee Detector, how could we do that? Simple.

Microtransactions. Imagine how popular this game could be if people could spend real money, or in-game currency to buy cosmetic items for their characters! Grenade launcher that shoots (what looks like) babblers? Flamethrower with a cold blue flame, or even hearts? GORGES WITH TOP HATS!

I believe this would be such a roaring success, that we could expand upon it. A whole economy of NS2 items that give a slight edge to your gameplay. I'm sure your knee jerk reaction is to say this is bad, or somehow "RUINS" the game. Well it's not like every noobie would come in with a 360noscope gun. I just suggest minor upgrades for large amount of currency (for the devs.) Have a set of items worth ~$15? You get heat vision goggles that makes skulks just a bit more visible. It's obviously not wall hacks, but you can see a slight glow through thin walls. Got items worth ~$45? You get a gun that has 65 bullets instead of 50. For the very generous players that keep the community alive, who donate say $200 for the game? They get the good stuff. Regenerating armor so they dont have to be welded. If they're not in combat for 10 seconds their armor is full. Tracer bullets. If they hit a lifeform they, and their team mates, can see it through walls. Kill streaks! If they kill, say, 5 skulks they can get special upgrades. Super speed? A radar showing where skulks are?

I know, I'm sure you all think this might not be the best decision. But trust me. If you want this sport to be taken seriously, consider my ideas.


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    Forgot to mention, new players would not have any items, and of course would have extra incentive to get very good at this game to keep up with those that have donated. It keeps people working to be better at the game and makes the competitive community thrive!
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    This is the trolliest troll of a post...sorry to say.

    What makes this game what it is is that it is not like CoD. When you give better items and equipment the game is no longer about skill but who has the money to get the best stuff. This is not to say I'm against modification, but do it on your own server please; making it the actual game makes no sense.

    Also, I really don't see how your idea helps the competitive community :/
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    beep beep beep my troll detector is detecting something.
    (not a pun towards your name)

    If not a troll, and I think you are... There is already a wide enough skill gap. Having these little things would just make it worse. Heatvision ... PSH!
    From my perspective UWE has been trying to both with what little resources they have given to the game. They don't have an AAA budget, let alone an indie game budget. They have the budget of a game that has been out 6 years. I want to say, don't half ass two things, whole ass one thing. I just don't think they have the resources to do it. Unlike many of the people on the forums, I guess I am just happy they are at least trying even though I may not like what they end up doing.
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    id rather see more custom skins/models like the shadow set than stupid badges that only marines can wear. and are frankly boring. some cool abilities would be easy to balance as well...spitting spore for lerk, devour onos, etc. id pay for that.
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    Troll plan to make UW money on bad purchasable game play changing elements does not equate to player retention/bringing in new players.
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    You can't be serious. This is the very definition of pay-to-win.
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    i know it sounds bad, but if you think about it, it's pretty good right?
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    detector wrote: »
    i know it sounds bad, but if you think about it, it's pretty good right?

    No, actually. If you had really thought about it, you'd realize how bad it is. You're saying to make people take it more seriously, you need to add all kinds of silly business. That is not ns2.
  • detectordetector Members Join Date: 2013-09-07 Member: 187984Posts: 21 Advanced user
    i was just trying to help :(
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    Why pay when you could make a mod to do it.
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    SamusDroid wrote: »
    Why pay when you could make a mod to do it.

    Because mods would only make the changes visible for the player. Cosmetic changes are about showing off your shiny new gear.


    You seem so commited to the idea that Its hard to tell weather its a troll post or you're just a little misguided.

    I could live with cosmetic dlc if done right but its still a little iffy.
    The pay2win idea is out of the question. These kinds of solutions barely fly in free2play game models let alone a game you have to purchase.
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    Making NS2 pay to win is a bad idea all round, especially the amount of posts about imbalance and stacking. Sorry to burst your bubble.

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    Ns2 shouldnt support microtransactions, I'd hate to see this game still making a profit for years to come Kappa
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    Should have researched the forum community more before making thread like this

    (The Golden rule I have discovered here: "If it is not like NS1 it is bad")


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    @detector No pay to win crap. Besides aren't the reinforcement badges enough for microtransactions?
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