NS installer file not found

GelflingGelfling Encinitas, CA Join Date: 2007-07-05 Member: 61499Members
I showed one of my friends the game and he wanted to install it.
Clicking on the download link went to a 404 not found page for the exe installer. Somebody goofed big.

On the instructions page "http://unknownworlds.com/ns/download-files/" Step 2 says:
"2. Download and install the latest Natural Selection from here (156 megabytes). Now close and restart Steam or it won’t appear in your games list."
The link at the word "here" points to "http://www.unknownworlds.com/files/ns/ns_install_v32.exe"
Clicking that link unexpectedly returns a page that says "404 — File not found." instead of just downloading the installer as it has always done.

Hopefully someone has a backup file and can make the download work again with a quick and easy fix.
Thanks in advance.


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