cs go like matchmaking

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EDIT: Already threads on this, sorry guys :s
I'd still like the matchmaking system feature these, or something similar. You can look at hive stats or typical pub ranking systems of other games and tell how terrible they are.

This game should have a competitive matchmaking mode like csgo, with matchmaking, for 6v6

but with a few different things

>make it only for 6v6 with friends, meaning you have to find 5 friends and yourself to q up.

100% of competitive team games in existence have a terrible solo experience in every regard. The team modes with solo matchmaking in dota 2, league, csgo, quake live, and sc2 all suck dicks. I stress this part of matchmaking more than any other part of matchmaking. There are places to find randoms to q up with. Point is they are friends you can talk about your weaknesses and strengths with rather than some guys who don't care about getting better you flip the bird to before leaving the game. Finding a small team is also way funner than just qing up solo as well.

>make it unranked

Make it just scrimmaging, but save the demos for the players last 5 games and give them the option to download them. Displaying w/l or even just wins makes players very stingy. Making the game just about practicing and learning instead of farming wins makes the community more competitive.

>make weekly public tournaments

no cash reward or anything, but give them a cute little win marking on their 6v6 scrimmage profile, for the top 3 placers. Make the leagues for people with 5-30 hours, people under 100 hours, and people under 400 hours, then a 400+ hours league. (you could do 400-1000 and then 1000+, but for now 400+ is smarter because the community is rather small and u don't want 3 hour waiting times.) This is what people will train and compete for, instead of w/l or k/dr

What do you guys think?
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