How to make my own server

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So, I've tried googling this problem, and nothing has helped me with this. I want to play this game with friends, but on our own server, however we can't seem to make our own servers. Whenever one of us tries, we never see any of the other servers. The server list shows a lan server, but no other server, which I heard is a problem if you don't forward the port, but we've all done that, with no results or change. And we can't connect to any lan servers, even with Hamachi. So, what can I do?


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    Hi there,

    You're issue is most likely because the ports haven't been forwarded correctly, in case of a NS2 server on ports 27015 you need to forward both 27015 and 27016 on TCP and UDP,

    Also, you need to forward these ports on your router, and with some routers it requires you to specify the IP adress or computer name of the server so it opens the ports for just that one server.

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