Allow echo to uninfested areas + Shade hive changes



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    Sewelek made a BT mod version where hallucinations received bot AI and had a few additional buffs (like scan immunity, hp boost, actual player names). It was pretty awesome.

    Any reason why it wasn't introduced?

    You would not want to screw too much with balance and introduce completely new strategies while the NS2WC is still in progress. Comp players would need time to adapt and it can't be guaranteed that the new stuff isn't insanely OP without testing it thoroughly with comp players for a while - and those players are not really available for testing new things at the moment because they need to focus on the world cup matches.
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    I really hope this suggestion isn't being taken seriously. Game has finally found some kind of equilibrium, please don't mess it up again.
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    I am not positive, but fairly certain that the shade changes will be implemented into live... mainly the ai hallucinations.
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    I wouldn't mind AI hallucinations if they've already been considered and have been tested and found in a good place.

    But if people are worried that this thread being here may prompt kneejerk reactions into putting it into live, then I can change this to be in I&S (where it probably belongs anyway) so it will get less visibility. I think the echo stuff has been demonstratedly proven it would most likely be OP, so even I as the person who suggested it would be against it. I would like to play around it though. Shove it in live though? - hell no. I'd even be iffy about (1) of my shade suggestions being kneejerked into live (although this is the one I would still legit want to be seriously considered - as well as possibly allowing echo unto uninfest as long as there is a growing cyst - i.e. something a drifter could construct - there to negate some echo tedium)
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    The AI change was set in motion long before this thread was a thought. Even then, you are not the first one to suggest it. I wouldn't be surprised as soon as Shade made illusions, someone suggested AI to it.
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