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I have an idea that the helmet should be made of clear future bulletproof glass thingy that displays an ergonomic 360 degree semi-sphere that displays your HUD, which you scan use to smoothly manipulate and transition between menu types. You can toggle the HUD to display different things. Inventory hotkeys, health and ammo, oxygen, quick open inventory, commands such as: calling your probe or submarine, signalling teammates or rovers to mine in a particular location for you, defend or patrol a certain area. The default setting is set to a minimalist clear glass screen. You can toggle what displays or doesn't on your menu which you can access by via the HUD by pressing a button such as "g". There should also be quick hotkeys to open inventory, commands, etc.
The helmet could also have a breather built into the suit and a separate air supply from a tank going directly to a mouth piece inside the helmet as a precaution if the suit supply fails and as a way to administer nano-sized future drugs into the oxygen line that increase your flight or fight response to within safe levels, the dose and vital signs are monitored by the suit so that it has no long term affects on the human body.
Or to give the diver a healthy dose of healing nano machines into the oxygen line for a quick burst of healing or even oxygen supply which could justify slowly regenerating health, nothing big, so that you feel like Master Chief Halo whatever nonsense, but like the passive heal of a lerk in NS2. This way you could use the same resource like a canister of "healing gas thing" but in two different ways, into a sealed nozzle on your oxygen line to deliver a quick healing punch or by crafting or upgrading an airtank with the "healing gas canister" so that it slowly regens health until it runs out of air and regen aftrer like... i dunno... 3 min?
Gloves with research tools built into them so that they come out of the forearm bracelet and surround the hand in a 360. The armlet also rotates along the circle so that you can pick which tool to use, you can scroll with mouse wheel, research tools that are built into the suit can only be upgraded by upgrading your suit. Suits that are upgraded can have more tools on the bracelet.
The other bracelet could be like a physics gun, but underwater, it messes with the water current to manipulate objects and shoot strong vortexes of water and air that is nonlethal but stuns weak enemies, confuses or intimidates large enemies into thinking you're not worth eating cause its too much effort for such a small meal and scares away creatures with mild or timid temperaments. The arm bracelet could also focus its jets into a very fast, very small water jet that pushes water out at such a velocity that it can cut rocks, but the jet's energy dissapates quickly into the larger surrounding body of water and so has a very short range and is not effective as an attacking weapon except in moments of desperation, maybe like the welder form NS2.
Flippers that you can upgrade multiple times somehow to jet micro low energy jets that produce little sound and propel you at a modest 30-60 mph.
Guns and stuff are craftable however, they are not very effective like in starbound but more like in minecraft with bows and arrows and swords. They can get stronger but they're always going to be a bit tedious and inefficient to use to kill anything large or large numbers of small or medium "enemies".
Guns are not like CoD guns but more like PEW PEW Phasers, tasers, sonic wave blaster, bullets are ineffective underwater anyway unless in high high caliber which is impractical underwater anyway.

You guys got ideas? Share em!
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