A land part of the game?

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I myself have been thinking about this, and wouldnt it be a good idea to have an option to go on land? Ofcourse not without dangers, Land would be one of the hardest places in the Subnautica world to survive, Their could be a story behind it all, Why had humans go live in the water?, Maybe because there had been a nuclear disaster!, being able to go on shore would require a hard to get radiation suit wich can be made by whatever the game developers are gonna do with recourses. On land you would not be able to survive (even with radiation suit) for over 5 minute so it would be a run and grab situation would make it more intense imo, I also don't know if the Devs are already planning this and i missed reading it but i thought i'd share it with the community.

Also sorry if my English is not that advanced my main language is Dutch.

Greets , Bloody

Also leave your opinion below, i won't bite :)


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