Subnautica Concept: Exterior Sketch - Subnautica

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imageSubnautica Concept: Exterior Sketch - Subnautica

One week ago, we revealed that Unknown Worlds is working on a new game: Subnautica. We want to share Subnautica with you from its earliest moments, bringing you concept art, early design thinking, and more. Today we are following up on the original three concepts with Exterior Sketch. This concept was only the second ever to be created for Subnautica, penned by Cory after he completed Interior Hallway (We’ll show you that one later!) Exterior Sketch was the first attempt to give form to an idea that is central to Subnautica: That players would interact with substantial underwater vehicles. These submarines would enable exploration and discovery by providing protection, mobility, and utility below the ocean surface. Since this art …

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    Submarine could also use some form of auto-pilot or auto-drive just as long as the player is steering. Games like Skyrim and Fallout 3 have utilized an "auto-run" feature if one's hand gets tired.

    As for gameplay, a day-night cycle could dictate the course of action. One would utilize the resources collected during the day to prepare for the dangers of night-time deep-sea exploration.

    As for exploration, a day-night cycle could dictate how plants and creatures will look. Plants and creatures at day would be full of energy and high-tempo, whereas plants and creatures at night would exhibit slower, and more gracious movement while emitting a glowing light similar to that night scene from Life of Pi:

    Take note of the instruments used in the soundtrack.
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    More and more it seems like we will be playing 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, which sounds fascinating!

    I just finished reading that book again, and it reinforced that the possibilities of an underwater world are truly only the limits of imagination.

    Cant wait for a beta to create my own Nautilus :D
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    I love it. It's like deep space only under-water. MOAR.
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    First, congratulations on the beautiful artwork.

    I love the idea of having smaller submersibles leaving the "mothership" to access smaller, more intimate areas. I'm already imagining the wonderful time I could have placing the Flagship on standby as I explore a series of tunnels only to be chased out by the alien creator of the those selfsame tunnels.

    It's unbelievably refreshing to finally have a game truly about exploration and not like other games that claim to be about exploration but end up being about running around looking for the next combat mission. It's almost like paying Ecco the Dolphin again, only this time, better.
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    This is actually giving me a Star-Trek feel except underwater lol. Though I know almost nothing about ST, I know that some of the best things about it was that it was exploration, diplomacy (perhaps not relevant here) combat, (probably relevant) other entities (the crew, and the aliens) and the SHIP :D and it looks like you guys have nailed a beautiful idea for how the subs should look ^^. It would be interesting also if the smaller the craft (adding on to Tzudro) the faster/more maneuverable. Not sure if that's a good idea since the mothership could become a pain to drive around... ;D UPGRADES!
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