Trying to create a server. Please help

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So i have the server up and running and thats fine. But my issues is i cant get the -file command to work....

I made a shortcut for the server.exe and I went in edited the path. so its C:\Users\Troy\Desktop\ns2rocks\server_1\Server.exe -File "C:\Users\Troy\Desktop\ns2rocks\server_1\server_1.txt"

I am trying to get it to read the text file which is labeled server_.txt is the name.

Inside the text file i just simply put for testing reasons....... -name "troy'stestserver"

Launch server from the shortcut.exe and it loads but doesnt seem to load the file i have tried changing map every thing inside the .txt and nothing happens...

If i just edit the shortcut.exe path.... for example instead of -file : C:\Users\Troy\Desktop\ns2rocks\server_1\Server.exe -name "troy'stestserver" or -limit "20" etc it works fine!!!!!!

So what im i doing wrong that is not letting me read the txt file, would just use the path on the shortcut but there is a limit for amount of characters :(

Thank YOU for reading and what help you can offer :P

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