Commander badges

cpt000cpt000 Join Date: 2013-08-28 Member: 187152Members
I'd like to propose commander badges along these lines:

1) Awarded after 50 net wins (i.e. if you win 50 and lose 10, you don't get a badge)
2) Badge is good for 90 day period, at which point it resets to 30 and players have to earn the net wins again
3) If a badge is awarded, then a 10 second cinematic is played to everyone in the ready room.
4) Marine badge: a gold star. Alien badge: human skull.

This incentivizes players to be commanders, since it can be a thankless (literally) task. But the comm is one of the key parts of the NS2 experience and should be recognized as such.


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    Not gonna happen. UWE denied to add other even more usefull badges in the past or to reuse old existing badges.
  • AurOn2AurOn2 COOKIES! FREEDOM, AND BISCUITS! Australia Join Date: 2012-01-13 Member: 140224Members, Forum Moderators, NS2 Playtester, Forum staff
    Now now ghoul, with the hive having swap functionality it's possible they might add some more badges to what we currently have, i.e game function badges. Any chance something like that is in the pipeworks @Devs?
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    This would be ok if they cut the huge excess fat on the ping section of the scorebord, and shifted everything down so the name (where badges are too) was bigger. Option to not use them though pls.
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