Your game files don't match the servers.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this.

First of all... I know this problem has been addressed before tons of times but this is really bugging me out since everything i tried doesn't work
I got the game today and the first thing i see when i open it is to do this one time configuration... Of course I let it do its thing but after a minute or two it takes me to the menu giving me this error. I know the main problem of this is mods that haven't properly been uninstalled yet because steam doesn't delete files that aren't vanilla but since i got the game today i don't see how that could happen to me. Also my brother got this game yesterday (which gave me the idea to get it) and it worked perfectly well. So if you have anything that could help me even the slightest that would be great. Also i tried uninstalling and installing it a couple of times and didn't work.
Any help?



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