Computer freezes randomly upon quitting the game.

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This happened decent amount of occasion, therefore I get nervous about aborting from the game. Roughly about 1/4 chances that computer will freeze and i have to reboot my computer by holding down the power button. Interesting thing is that, as the game is running for more than 2 hours, freezing will appear more frequently oppose from the short one. Am I only one who experiences this? I've tried getting out of window and kill the process via 'Ctrl + Alt + Del' hoped that it was safe way to end the game which it did for quite some times until recently computer froze again using this method. Please help! This game is so fun until computer freezes out!

I've got the latest driver from Nvidia, using dx9, everything on max on video setting.

Rig: i5 4670K
770 GTX
WINDOW 7 ultimate


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    I dont know the solution to your problem

    But you will get more helpful tips/ideas if you move your thread to the correct Tech support thread (this is the NS1 thread)

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