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    If this dates back that far... BUS anyone?

    I would also love to see a Co-Op option. Not as something needed, but as an option. It's much more fun to see things together!
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    @Flayra SN looks promising, especially the setting is fresh and, being pretty unused thus far, opens up lots of possibilities. I wish you all the best for the development process!

    Do you have any plans for including the community into the development process? E.g. giving alpha access to early purchasers? Because that would be awesome :D
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    I can't wait to smash some underwater bugs!
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    Luitjens wrote: »
    I can't wait to smash some underwater bugs!
    Aqua NS2? Kharaa sharks?

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    Maddok wrote: »
    Luitjens wrote: »
    I can't wait to smash some underwater bugs!
    Aqua NS2? Kharaa sharks?
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    Sounds like a plan
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    Zomb3h wrote: »
    Subnautica would make an interesting candidate or perhaps flagship-tier type of game for Occulus Rift.
    I wouldn't be surprised if you guys pull off something just as immersive. I look forward to this, but the Occulus Rift would definitely seal the deal for me.

    Maybe even 3D Vision.

    Think of what made Avatar so special if that helps.

    Yeah this kind of game seems like it might be perfect for the Occulus. I've been dabbling over the year to prototype a game set in the deep sea as a biologist. Pretty excited about what UWE will be able to do with a concept like this especially with Cory's art direction and concept work.
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    There ware some games made few years ago by UBISOFT. Sub Culture and Deep fighter. Fisrt one was more of a adventure game, second one was a deep sea fighiting style game. And every one rememebers the fisrt version. It was unique. Many hours of exploration, finding minerals getting equipment. Great game i hope SN is going to be this type of game.
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    Hey there !
    Good luck with t his new project.
    I really have a hard time to understand what it'll be about (especially the gameplay) but I'm sure you 'll do a terrific job.
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    this game sounds a lot like the oculus rift demo undercurrent, which incidentally is the demo that made me have to get a dev kit in the first place. have UWE played this demo at all?
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    Underwater Star Citizen plz.
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    Underwater Star Citizen plz.

    Please don't create an overhyped, overpriced money-sink with a community full of would-be martyrs, thank you.
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    this... new forum thing... just whoa
  • SteveRockSteveRock Members, NS2 Developer, Subnautica Developer Join Date: 2012-10-01 Member: 161215Posts: 486 Advanced user
    We've watched the Undercurrent video and yeah it looks great. As for occulus support, I'd say you can expect that at some point. It's not a priority, but it's so easy to add basic Occulus support there'd be little reason to not do it eventually.
  • WaterfiendWaterfiend Members, Reinforced - Shadow Join Date: 2013-09-01 Member: 187543Posts: 18 Fully active user
    UWE is one of my favourite game studios to name! It brought me to an awe when I first saw NS2 in the store on Steam. I bought the game and was intrigued to the point of exhilaration from just how darn good the game was!

    Even after when I played my first video game, I had a sense to find a title that was based in the water. I was both scared of water, yet intrigued by it. Mario, my first one, had some of the gameplay under the sea, but I honestly hated those levels. I bought a game where you play as a sea monster, but was not very entertained by what the studio produced, but was utterly thrilled with the idea of underwater exploration, particularly that of "sea monsters". It was just one of those thing I read about when I was back in pre-school. Underwater exploring brings me back to some of the most creative imaginary adventures I portrayed in my toddler mind. Ah, the great memories of both the enchanting sense of discovery of new creatures (fictional, or pre-historic), or the terrifying fear of being trapped within a ocean, full of them. I just loved the powerful feeling of discovery.

    Exploring and learning is one of the most effective ways to involve me in... pretty much anything! That's why when I play games, I LOVE open-world and exploring themes worlds. I've played many thousands of hours on open-worlded games to prove it. xD It's also why I love science. Ironically, I'm not a fan of the sci-fi genre, almost because I enjoy "real science" more than looking at a non-realistic version of the world. NS2 changed this! I love a lot more sci-fi themed creations than before.

    Judging just by the genre, and the developing studio ;), I can tell that I will utterly love both playing the game, and both recollecting the days of my childhood.

    It's moments when games trigger feelings of interest like this that proves that games are becoming more advanced, not just in technology, but as an experience as a whole.

    With people saying stuff like this before the beta is even out, it just has to be good! xD
  • EucomolhamasEucomolhamas Members, Reinforced - Shadow Join Date: 2013-03-10 Member: 183841Posts: 120 Advanced user
    @Waterfiend I couldn't agree more (except for me the game that got me so amazed was the original HL mod :P), and I've done scuba diving for a couple of years now just because the underwater world is just soooo awesome!
  • VenatosVenatos Members, Reinforced - Shadow, WC 2013 - Gold Join Date: 2012-03-31 Member: 149762Posts: 217 Fully active user
    i have to admit im rather sceptical about subnautica. the rough description "underwater exploration game" sounds incredibly boring... like watching a aquarium or a screen saver or paint dry.
    i cant realy imagine a way to make this game something a gamer would even consider buying.(my imagination is crap, so there might be ways)
    on top of that its an ultra niche game, even with top reviews you cant expect to sell more than 100k copies.(just look at any underwater game ever created)
    obviously these statements are based on very little data and i realy hope for the best, but im rather worried atm.
    im a big fan of NS(2) and Spark, so ill preorder asap to support UWE anyway.

    PS: i realy had hoped for an extension of the Natural Selection franchise, a storydriven shooter or RTS or something.
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    elodea wrote: »
    My guilty pleasure has always been underwater settings. Largely unexplored concept in games to date afaik.

    Goodluck and all

    Have you seen the old game Sub Culture? favourite of mine back in the day.

  • LocklearLocklear [nexzil]kerrigan Members, NS2 Playtester, NS2 Map Tester, WC 2013 - Shadow Join Date: 2012-05-01 Member: 151403Posts: 1,337 Advanced user
    Best of luck guys. I'm sure you'll make this game kick ass!
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  • 0ni0ni Members Join Date: 2012-08-30 Member: 156991Posts: 231 Fully active user
    Linux from the get go this time?
    Sorry to nag, someones got to do it. :)

    Also, when should we expect it?
    Fall 2009?
    ^^ Just because someone would make that crack anyway. <3
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