Drifters get confused in Tram: shipping

cpt000cpt000 Join Date: 2013-08-28 Member: 187152Members
Last night I was playing as alien comm in Tram. Got my shells and spurs started on the lower left hand section of shipping, away from both entrances and blocked by crates. The first few got built OK, but sometime later the drifter got confused and got locked. Could not move anyway and would spin about endlessly. It also appeared magnified on the command screen - I think it has something to do with the elevated walkway in shipping.

Anybody else seen this?


  • turtsmcgurtturtsmcgurt Join Date: 2012-11-01 Member: 165456Members, Reinforced - Supporter
    Also on Docking. It's reproducible each time. Be alien commander in Departure. Tell the Drifter to go behind the Stability RT, it will get into a loop on either side of it.
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