AusNS2 League Round 8

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Hi all,

Just keeping the UWE forums up to date with where we're up to with our league at the moment. You can find all the info on the league by going to and hitting the league tab up the top of the page.


Round 8 - Tram

As we near the end of season 1 of the league, things are quite close at the top of the AusNS2 ladder. This week features one of the biggest matches this season: Ascension vs Lord Mayor. Ascension have been flawless so far, not dropping a single round. Both Ascension and Lord Mayor were neck n neck until X. took a round off Lord Mayor in Round 7 on Caged. Does Lord Mayor have what it takes to drop a round off Ascension and secure a spot in the finals ? Can philogl channel his inner ogl to awaken his inner aimbot?

Below these two teams we have X. and RaZe not only fighting it out for 3rd and 4th, but also potentially 2nd place. As it stands, X have 2 potential points on offer left, as their round 9 match would have been against Snx. Can they fend off numero onos to stay 1 point ahead of RaZe ? Will RaZe be able to snap up 2 points this week against Aus? Or will Aus's creative strats prove to be too wild and unpredictable for RaZe to handle, putting them equal with RaZe on 9 points? Whatever happens, RaZe have the potential to climb into 2nd place should they be able to win all 4 of their rounds over the next 2 weeks.

Things are certainly interesting as we head towards the grand finals where the top two teams of the ladder will duke it out for the title of AusNS2 Season 1 Champions. More info in the format of the grand finals to come soon. In the meantime, be sure to follow all the action at as we capp off the final two weeks of the ladder. Most of the game times you can find on the league page, but follow us on twitter (at)ausns2offcial if you want to be kept up to date with the latest game times. We usually like to stream our games in a block on sunday nights from 7 PM AEDT onwards, which is around 1 AM PDT in the USA, and around 9 AM CET for the Euros. Replays are always available at our twitch channel.


2. LORD MAYOR 11-1
3. X. 10-4
4. RAZE 9-3
5. AUS 7-7


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