NS2 ever going free? =D



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    Big announcement tomor apparently, prob related to F2P.
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    Hell no

    Every single F2P game I have ever tried has been full of nothing but ***holes.

    NS2 has a good community, if it went F2P that community would go straight to hell.

    Most of the veterans would probably end up leaving due to the massive increase you'd see in troll commanders, excessive whining, lack of any teamwork, excessive camping for kdr, etc. You would see very few people actually playing the game and helping their team.

    Just think of how bad it was during the free weekend...

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    It was the same with Killing Floor. That game, despite being quite different than NS2 also has a steep learning curve and requires a lot of team work, knowing of the maps, wepaons and tactics to win. And every time free weekend was available, all the old time players were just waiting for it to be finally over, because there were floods of newbies flooding the Hell on Earth servers (the highest difficulty) where they should be starting with Easy or Normal difficulty. Now imagine it being free. It will be like that the entire time. Though if we are honest, the price is so low you just can't come here with an excuse you want it in F2P edition. And Reinforced upgrade is not mandatory and is pretty much just cosmetic. I'm sure you can shell out 5 bucks for a full fledged game aye?
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