Error: Couldn't load 'maps/somemapname.level'

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Seems as if Workshop maps that I install don't want to load on the server

Loading config://ConsistencyConfig.json
Loading 'maps/ns2_nsl_jambi.level'
Error: Couldn't load 'maps/ns2_nsl_jambi.level'

is what i get, where "ns2_nsl_jambi" is just an example

the workshop mods seem to get d/l'd into ~/.config/Natural Selection 2/Workshop

but no set or subset of directory elements fed at the commandline via "-modstorage" (or even without the option) seem to work.

SOMETIMES the maps load (from the web interface), but most often natural rotation or direct map changing will kick everybody out with the server error above, and client side error "File not found".

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