5.1 Surround Sound still broken?

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Heyo Guys,

I noticed, that 5.1 is still broken, at least on my end.

My 5.1 issue is:

If I play NS2 with my CM Storm Sirus, using the hardware-based audio chip in the tuning station (I could switch to my dated 5.1 Sound card, but the CM Storm Sirus has better quality and sound), then walking sounds, voice commands and several other sounds are all over the place. Sometimes to the left, sometimes to the right, sometimes spinning around me (directional-wise).

I switched back to 2.1/Stereo again, so that this won't annoy me, but it still is funny, that 5.1 is still broken in this game.

I have no 5.1 issues in any other application or game, since I am using the CM Storm Sirus + hardware-based audio chip in the tuning station.

I hope, that such a fix might be somewhere on the Agenda of Fixes :)

Would love to enjoy NS2 in 5.1.




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    I've noticed this is still broken (same issue as described in OP) as well with my onboard sound card and Logitech X530 5.1 speakers.
    I also have a virtual 7.1 headset that I use (Plantronics GameCom 780) and the issue is present there as well but not as noticeable.

    I very much look forward to when this will be fixed and hope it doesn't take too long as this has been an issue since release. :(
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    The CM Storms Sirus runs a usb on board sound card then mixes it to 5.1 correct? Because I am running 7.1 on auzentech home theater (7.1 speakers and then downmix to 5.1 for Roccat Kave headphones) and I have not had any mis mixed sounds. But I have only played 2 pickups since 255 went live. I could have missed something.
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    5.1 is definitely not broken -- just checked it and it's working fine.

    However, a long time ago it didn't work until they changed the way NS2 cooperates with the sound device.

    NS2 is directly influenced by whatever setting is set in Windows. Some surround sound audio devices/software will override or circumvent this setting with their own settings, so you need to check and make sure that Windows itself is set to 5.1 in the Sound settings in Control Panel (My old X-fi system did this in order to simulate 5.1 while in the headphones setting).

    In Windows 7, goto Control Panel -> Sound -> Select your audio device -> Configure -> and make sure 5.1 is selected and not stereo or headphones or anything else
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    NS2 has one annoying 5.1 bug since ages:

    If you strafe to left, you have walking sound from the left speaker.
    Same with all other directions.

    In stereo setup everything is fine.

  • MaxunitMaxunit Join Date: 2005-02-01 Member: 39414Members, Reinforced - Shadow
    I have the issues, which dePARA stated.

    Also, the CM Storm Sirus has the soundchip built into the USB Hub. Here's a picture of it: http://images.hardwarecanucks.com/image/akg/audio/Sirus/CoolerMaster_Storm_Sirus_mfg3_sm.jpg

    The small station on the left allows you to regulate the overall audio output, but also for:


    You can either plug the station with 2 USBs into 2 USB Slots and then the Headset into the station and be happy with it, or you can use an alternate cable, plug this cable into your Soundcard to use your 5.1 Soundcard instead.

    I prefer, as stated above, to use the USB Station and the built-in sound chip from the USB Station.

    Only Natural Selection 2 "features" this 5.1 Issue. Any other game I play suffers no such issues. Playing music with AIMP3, for example, also sends the signals properly in 5.1 format.
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