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I'd like to thank you guys for completing the Linux server and getting it out so we can use it. I've personally been waiting for this for a long time.

Yet, I do have a couple questions about its operation.

First, I'm curious what exactly the GTK+ requirement is for? I had to build 43 packages (with USE=X) which I'm not sure are necessary. It seems like there really shouldn't be any kind of dependency on X11 or its features for a server. If at all possible, through variables or execution, I'd really like to limit the unnecessary overhead if possible. This is really what Linux is all about.

And my other question is about multi-threading. I'm not sure if this was implemented (I didn't see any notes about it), but it definitely appears that some of the server's operations are taking place on separate cores. For example, my server ends up utilizing about 60% of one core and about 20% of a second. My question here is has this been implemented? I'm also curious if one can tell me what operations are being split off to the second core.

My final question is whether you have an official bug reporting tool. There are a few bugs that I've noticed and would like to report so we an get a better quality Linux server product (not that it's bad!).



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    Yeeah, I find it odd that it uses GTK, but you don't have to have X11 server running. Maybe GTK is used for the console rendering in the termal? Anyway it does feel unnecessary.

    I've put a up a wiki page for sever issues, let's just hope they fix them:

    Last time I've looked into NS code (been months ago!!!!), the lua part, it only seems like the Egg Placement code was threaded on the server, not sure whether anything else is (more might be threaded now). At least, the threaded code is very minor, making multicore cpus somewhat useless.
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