reserved slots system

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I see reserved slots in the web admin. If I add 4 reserve slots to 24 player server does it hold them aside and only 20 peeps on or will it let server fill up and kick a person if a reserve person joins?


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    My understanding is that it will up above the limit rather than kick people currently in the server (so you can have 22/20 if 2 reserved slot people join the full server)
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    Can we get an update by uwe as to how we actually set people as reserved? I'm not seeing a relative config file, unless the system is as of yet, unfinished?
    And please don't tell me i have to perform a ritual to make it appear.. i'm sick of those, i prefer voodoo dolls.
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    I'll have to mess around with it when I get back from vacation. looking at what it currently may do I think I'd rather have it kick the last player to join the server to open a res slot. many games used that in past and worked well. I don't think it would be bad for my server because I'd only have 3 res slots.
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