skull wrong jump direction

BofBof Join Date: 2013-08-19 Member: 186972Members

when you push left-key (A or D) and jump, you will jump to the left.
But in this game, if you rotate the mouse (to the right), you will jump backwards and not to the left.
The same problem exist also with the right-key (D).
I think that problem comes from the skulk inertia, however it is too difficult to describe a small circle while jumping.
If the problem comes from inertia, I think inertia should affect movement depending on the square of the skulk speed, and not like this.
I feel like jumping on ice, and not on the floor.

in addition, if you push forward key (W or Z) + right or left-key + jump, you will jump forward and not in diagonale.
Same with backwards key...

In conclusion, mouse movement should not effect JUMP direction.

I hope that bug will be quickly corrected, I hate when i try to kill a marine and suddenly i jump backwards without reason.

(I play with an AZERTY keyboard, i haven't test that behavior with a QWERTY.)


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