2 marine ideas inspired by the current balance issues.

IdlerayIdleray Members, Reinforced - Shadow Join Date: 2012-10-04 Member: 161464Posts: 154 Advanced user
A 2nd variety of mine that acts as a speed trap: releases an electric net that temporarily slows the lifeform it affects: IMO this would be much more potent vs Fades and Onos than ordinary mines.

A 2nd type of Observatory with no tech or beacon functionality, but which has higher armor and extended range. It could perhaps come with another penalty (have to build it next to power nodes/ sentry batteries? Perhaps require a pre-req tech) I feel this is the sorely needed , balanced replacement for Motion Tracking.


  • stibaerstibaer Members Join Date: 2013-07-25 Member: 186398Posts: 42
    More simple solution: If a mine doesnt kill an enemy it will cripple it -> slows it down for a while and burn some of his energy.
    A 2nd type isnt needed imho.

    I would like to see some counterpart to aliens biomasslevels, so marines also need more commandstations to get higher techlevels. On such a higher techlevel it could become possible to upgrade an observatory to an advanced observatoy, so it gains more armor and range.
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