Possible refund?

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I'm all for supporting smaller devs, but I recently got this game on the steam summer sale, and well, I've played every other game ever on this computer with no issue, but with this one... well it's so choopy and my FPS so low that its pretty much impossible to play. I was wondering if there was any way to get a refund?

dxdiag incase anyone knows if there is a fix for this issue. It's certainly a bummer to have gotten a game and not be able to play it.


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    Have you tried tinkering with your video settings? Turning off atmospherics, v-sync and ambient occlusion can go a very long way on a video card in the 5700 series. I used to have that and got a good 15+fps by that.

    What sort of fps are you getting? you can type r_stats in the console to get more details.
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    You can set the game to high priority in task manager to get better performance. You can make a batch file in the ns2.exe directory and in this file type
    "Start NS2.exe /high" and then run NS2 using that.
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    Make all video settings low, if it's still unplayable then yeah...probably ask for refund.
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    If you're playing with bots, try explore mode (without bots) to ensure it's not an issue of your CPU not being good enough to process the bots.
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    I play on a E8800 (that is s duo core at 3Gz), and a Asus 560 with 4gig ram. I turn all settings to low (no shadow), and play at 1600x900 (my display can go 1920x1680). I get reasonable enough fps (about 80 if looking at a wall). it can get choppy when there is alot of action on screen ~15-20fps (but that is rare now on the new build), and late game with many buildings. I live with this because this game is so good (team work, unique sides). If you want eye candy and big explosions, this probably isn't going to work out unless your machine is a Beast.
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    I think they once mentioned they dont do refunds anymore.

    I upgraded my PC just to be able to play this game. Worth every penny. :D
    I suggest you think about doing the same, because if your fps is unplayable low, you must have a pretty old PC, and you will get this problem more and more in the future.

    ps. when you type r_stats in the console, you can see what is the bottleneck is in your setup.
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    Your graphics card isnt good enough, 5700 is more than 2 years old.
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    Steam support will give a 1 time refund for any game per account if you ask nicely. But its valves policy that all purchaises are final. (Valve being the retailer of the game) Allso i must remind you that it actualy costs UWE about 25$ for every refund. As valve will pass on the creditcard/bank fees to UWE.
    I refer to this post - http://unknownworlds.com/blog/beware-shady-key-resellers-and-discount-steam-keys/ as an example.
    I do however surgest that you try the troubleshotting, the above posts have surgested, and "use your refund" for when realy need it
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    Thanks for the help. I think it was the bots that were screwing me over, because the game is working fine now. Setting priority to high was also a major plus. It runs 100% smooth now. Suppose I was just really frustrated at things not working. Sorry for the trouble.

    Did my first game and went 17-10. Fun as hell.
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    Now that you mention it, I started a quick game with bots the other night just to see how good they were, and I also noticed a performance drop. It was "jittery" even though I know my CPU can handle it, same with graphics card. In combination with build 249 and setting the game priority to high, I probably got around 20-30 FPS difference and it's much more stable.
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    Valve requires you to contact the developers first to troubleshoot your issue

    However if your issue is low performance simply because you don't meet the requirements listed on the steam page, I highly doubt you'd get a refund (unless someone is just that nice)

    I got a refund once after weeks long battle through support for a game which kept on crashing/freezing (crappy port) and finally relayed back to steam support with proof of the support ticket and they gave a refund but in the form of steam money so technically no money was lost and you don't get an actual refund (unless this only occurred because the game was on my account for so long)

    Anyway if not, point is you don't really get a refund.. you just get to choose another game
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    oh man, another person comers in with a AMD Phenom 955 Black edition with unplayable performance. What the heck is up with that CPU.
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