Gosu Looking For Team

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NOTE: There is another Gosu on NS2 and that's not me. But then again, how would you know? LOL

Nick: Gosu

Age: 21

Skill (high, mid, low): Pitifully Awesome


Language (english/finnish/french etc): Engrish

Microphone: Si

How to contact you (steam & IRC if you use it): PM me

Experience in ns (past ns experience, past competitive gaming experience etc):

NS1 for 10 years on and off but never serious. Started at the end of beta NS2 and played S1 EU Div 1 Group A. Now just playing casual but skill still intact for most part.

Experience in other games (competitive preferably):

GunZ (best player & leader of the best clan in 2007: population roughly 30k players) + WoW Arena BG9 (Where all the elite PvPers play) 2400 MMR in 2s, 2550 in 3s, 2750 in 5s. Most games I play I'm usually really good at and any game I'm really interested in I tend to excel and have a very short learning curve.

Brief info about yourself (are you looking for casual fun or hardcore competitive experience, basically anything goes that tells us something about you):

My casual is fueled by playing pubs, so after drifting away from the competitive scene for so long, I'm looking for a hardcore competitive team; preferably a Div 1 team in the NA. I was offered to join a few Div 1 teams when I was actively playing but had no desire at that time to clan hop. I enjoyed EU Division but the lag caused too many miscalculated deaths and I prefer not dieing far behind walls. I'm best at Fade, taught a few Div 1 players how I fade and it has helped them a lot. Lerks good as well but nothing I practice too much. Onos is pretty common sense for the most part. My marine play is too good as I've always played FPS shooter games all my life. I also command a lot in pub games, both aliens and marines so I know a lot of "game sense", tactics, and etcetc. Super quick learner, just need to get a few games in before I get back into competitive mode again. Anyways, I've always been a rather competitive gamer on a high level so pressure is something I can handle well. Any other questions you have, feel free to ask (PM me)


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