Hitler Plays NS2 :D

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(Possibly the best NS2 video)


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    Nicely done... although I've seen 1000 versions of these hitler vids it still brought me some lolz!
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    Pretty tame compared to some of the commanders I've encountered. :P
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    I never thought that I would identify with Hitler. Does this make me a bad person?
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    Good and bad are a matter of perspective.
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    Does my mic even work?
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    I watched that game, it was a total crap. Hitler should have sold his ips and played some Civ5 instead to calm down. He's been playing too much of Social Darwinism lately...
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    When you go Exo without support, Hitler supports you!
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    My favorite part was translating "Mein Führer" as "Commander".

    It was pretty good up through the mass exit. After that it was just kinda meh as these things go. The English was ungrammatical and awkward in places, the internal rhythm of the subtitles didn't match the rhythm of the spoken dialog, the narrative was dull, the emotional content of the text didn't match the intensity of the actor's performance, there weren't enough clever insider jokes, and the line by the woman in the hallway isn't some variation of "don't worry" and is instead merely a do-nothing line not worth breaking with longstanding Downfall tradition for.

    But yeah, NS2 Downfall, woo. Funny stuff.
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    Timarius wrote: »
    I never thought that I would identify with Hitler. Does this make me a bad person?

    I also identify with Hitler, unlike you however I am not questioning it.
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