Fan-fiction FAQ! Please read before posting!

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Well, this will probably be the -shortest- FAQ/rules on the Forum.

Links to stories can be posted here. We -highly- recommend that your story be on a webpage, and you link to it from there, rather than uploading a zip or doc or txt with the story in it. People tend to read the ones in webpages a lot more often than files they have to download.

Please do -not- post stories longer than half a page as a post! Link to them, or upload them as a file, but don't put the story in the body of your message!

Also, if you are replying to a story, and you're about to mention an event that occurs within the story, please put a line similar to '***SPOILER***' at the very top of your post.

Thank you everyone! And remember, constructive criticism is good. Destructive or pointless criticism will get your post fed to Bob, and possibly get your -account- fed to Bob as well. All depending on how ugly you get. (Bob likes eating ugly things. Bob likes eating pretty things. Bob likes eating. Call Bob a goat though, and you're liable to get eaten.)

One more thing, don't get discouraged if people don't reply or comment on your story. �You should only ever stop writing if you don't want to write any more. �Even if no one says anything, there's still probably people reading your story. �Also, some people only have time to read the fan fic every couple of weeks. �Keep that in mind.
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