Consistency Checking & Precaching times?

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I usually play on one of 3 different servers. My two favourites do not seem to have any consistency checking enabled, my heart-shaped heal spray for the Gorge works just fine as do my crosshairs, retextured gloves, etc. Since the beta the loading times have steadily improved (little by little).
However when I play on a server that has consistency checking enabled (see in the console that it refuses to load the modified skins, etc.) the precaching phase of map load take about 5-7 times(!) as long as on the other servers.
Is this directly related? Can somebody please explain to me (in layman-term for somebody that only knows basic programming) why comparing files take sooo much time? Is this something that is actively being worked on by the devs?


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    Hit the console (~ key) as soon as you begin connecting. You should see all the mods downloading and mounting. ;-)
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